Behind the walls of traditional industry tools used to query TV viewing data there is valuable audience insight waiting to be uncovered.

We give clients an edge in an increasingly competitive market. 

The following consultancy projects have helped clients save money, become more efficient, create viewer-centric strategies and win over large audiences.

  • Rights Valuation – providing new levels of insight into the value of sports rights, channels and programmes by deep diving into the importance of these rights at household level and producing key aggregated findings.
  • Tracking the Viewer Journey – Using new technology to evaluate each individual viewing session on the TV set, we have been able to provide insights into the way viewers navigate themselves towards content across varying platforms. What is the first, second, third channel they watch? How many viewers go straight into SVOD and stay there?
  • The Age of the Box Set – We have used panel-level data to provide broadcasters with vital insights into how box-sets have been consumed across platforms such as iPlayer, ITV Hub and Sky Go. Providing key information as broadcasters continue to tackle the challenges posed by SVOD services.
  • Netflix, how does it all work? – A deep dive into Netflix consumption from 2017 -2019. Analysing the programming is driving the most viewing onto the platform, establishing the key combination of content / genres that makes Netflix so appealing, understanding the lifecycle of a Netflix programme.

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