"SoDA has been an incredibly useful tool for us in understanding Netflix’s business with greater insight than ever before. The real strength is the level of granularity at a programme level which isn’t currently available anywhere else. We use it both to understand at an overall level how Netflix release content, as well as to learn from their successes and the instances where they’ve had misses at a programme level. The team are very helpful and enthusiastic with the capabilities of the tools growing all the time. We all have a general sense of what the big titles are, but knowing how they compare in terms of actual viewing and understanding which titles are attracting big viewing rather than just lots of chatter is very important to understanding how to maintain a user base. It also highlights the importance of certain titles to Netflix in terms of lower-level, year-round viewing. The big hitters make up a relatively small proportion of Netflix’s business compared to some of the quieter ‘always-on’ titles, which actually makes them surprisingly similar to their broadcast counterparts in terms of the library of content needed to sustain their business"

"SoDA is opening the door on Netflix viewing like never before, enabling us to deliver insights that were simply unattainable a year ago. While their panel gives us the basics one would expect from any diary entry alternative, the richness of the data we are now receiving, coupled with their API’d metadata solution, finally allows us to drill down and deliver the transparency that our clients deserve. Digital-i are certainly leading the charge on Netflix measurement here in the UK, and SoDA is a must have for any international producer/broadcaster wanting to better understad what is really happening beneath the bonnet of the global streaming giant." 

"We have used Digital.i ever since the UK launch of PBS America. They have offered a service perfectly tailored to our needs from regular reporting to special pieces of analysis. Having Digital.i is like having an in house research team but without the overheads! They are a small, friendly and motivated team that respond quickly and come up with creative and cost effective ways of informing the key decisions we have to make."

“We have worked with Digital.i for a number of years now and rely on them for a range of our reporting solutions. They have consistently ensured relevant and accurate delivery of reports.  They have also been flexible, professional and enthusiastic.”

"Digital.i Analytics undertook a strategic research project for us which used BARB data to investigate the changing nature of 16-24 TV viewing. This information had key commercial implications for us and developed our understanding of an audience which is becoming increasingly fragmented. They were sensitive to our challenges and came up with an innovative approach; looking past the raw numbers to provide us with real insights. They were energetic and easy to work with and I was impressed with their ability to communicate often complex ideas in a very digestible way but without sacrificing the important detail."

"We engage Digital.i to provide a suite of overnight reports that service our stakeholders right across the business. These reports are critical in assessing the performance of our channels and programme brands. Digital.i are a very collaborative business partner; taking time to listen to and understand our requirements while embracing innovation in reporting methodology and automated distribution. I've found Digital.i to be flexible in their approach to accommodating changes to existing reports and they also take the initiative in developing new products and analyses. Overall we are very pleased with this service and the team behind the scenes who make sure it all runs smoothly."