<strong>Ali</strong> - Founder

Ali - Founder

After graduating from Oxford in Maths he became a Maths teacher and sports coach in various schools and colleges across England. In 2003 he founded Digital.i after working for David Graham Associates in Taunton (now attentional). His drive is to bring simplicity to complex data either via automation or sophisticated interpretation direct to the client. Ali invented the first smartphone -friendly overnight (Blackberry !) and he is constantly discovering creative ways to present data and to communicate it to stakeholders . He is the creative, driving force behind the company, working on the next original research idea for the media industry.

<strong>Sam</strong> - Research Manager

Sam - Research Manager

Sam’s role is to oversee our regular reporting department, ensuring all reports are issued on time, and to the companies’ high standards. He also manages any ad-hoc data requests issued by our clients. He has over 5 years’ experience in the media industry and holds a NVQ in media research from Richard Huish College.

<strong>James</strong> - Head of Overnights

James - Head of Overnights

James oversees the development and maintenance of the companies’ overnight system. He also works closely with the regular reporting team, using his experience and IT skills to find innovative ways to automate and improve our services.

<strong>Felix</strong> - Head of Analytics

Felix - Head of Analytics

Felix has a wealth of experience and a top track record in TV research, and has delivered a huge variety of complex strategic insight projects for all of the major UK broadcasters and producers. He also ensures the smooth day-to-day running of our analytics division which services the larger more complex research and insight projects for our clients.

<strong>Jon</strong> - Finance Manager

Jon - Finance Manager

Jon oversees all income and expenditure flowing through the business and is responsible for creating the management accounts. He is also involved in the management of contracts. Jon has over ten years’ experience in a finance remit and is fully CIMA qualified.

<strong>Matt</strong> - Insight Analyst

Matt - Insight Analyst

Matt works within the companies’ consultancy and analytics department. Matt has worked on a number of successful strategic analysis projects for clients that include major broadcasters, rights holders and independent producers. Matt holds a master’s degree in Social Research from Goldsmiths University of London.

<strong>Dina</strong> - Research Executive

Dina - Research Executive

Dina works in both the companies’ regular reporting and consultancy departments. Dina came to the UK from Moscow, and has more than 4 years of experience in advertising and media planning. She holds a degree in Management from Moscow State University.

<strong>Harry</strong> - Junior Programmer

Harry - Junior Programmer

Harry's role involves the automation of the companies’ regular reporting, making them more innovative, faster and reliable. Harry also assists in the maintenance of our overnight systems. In addition to his work, Harry is studying part time towards a degree in Computing & IT.